Turtle Class Schedule

During the school day, we like to keep as busy as possible. Along with art, sensorial activities and outside time, we include as much music, movement, reading and, most importantly, playing as the day allows.

We have a fortnightly theme in the Turtle class, and all of the activities on the shelves, books and the display board get changed in keeping with our theme.

Our day tends to run as follows:

7:30 am: School Opens
As the children arrive, we strive to greet each and every one with an enthusiastic ‘Good Morning’ and welcome them into our classroom to enjoy the morning’s activities. There is always art on offer which ties in with our theme. We also have a sensorial activity which is sometimes a bit messy, making it all the more fun! We bake once a week and the children will usually enjoy this for their snack.

During the morning, the children are also encouraged to select their own activities and interact with their peers. Books are always available and there are many opportunities to cuddle up to a teacher and listen to a story.

We also check each child’s nappy/diaper regularly throughout the morning and change those in need of a freshen up.

9:10 am: Tidy Time
As the morning classroom time draws to a close, we encourage the children to help us return all the toys to the shelves.

9:15 am: Garden Time
The children take a moment to stretch their bodies and play in the secret garden.

9:30 am: Circle Time
Once our classroom is tidy, we make our way to the rug and sit down. This is our time together as a class to sing songs, read stories, dance and talk about our theme. We get out the instruments and enjoy a music circle time once a week.

During this time, everyone’s hands are washed in preparation for snack time.

9:50 am: Snack Time
The children sit at the tables and are offered a snack of fresh fruit salad from our fruit bowl and some crackers, popcorn, or home baking.

10:00 am: Outside Time
This is a favourite time for nearly all the children. We have a wonderful selection of buckets and spades, trucks, balls and fabulous climbing apparatus to be enjoyed in the company of all our friends from the three classes.

11:15 am: Preparing for Lunch Time
After an action filled play in the garden, we gradually start to bring the children in from the garden, change their nappies/diapers and wash their hands. They will then sit on the rug to watch a short DVD until all of their friends are ready.

11:40 am: Lunch Time
The lunches are ready and the children excitedly sit at the tables ready to enjoy their wholesome, nutritious lunches. Although we are available to help children where necessary, we do encourage independence when eating.

12:00 – 12:30 pm: Home Time / Sleep Time
After lunch, our children either move outside into the main garden for a play on the tricycles whilst waiting to be picked up, or are guided to their beds for a well deserved nap.

1:45 pm – 2:15 pm: Wake Up
The children gradually wake up and join in with the afternoon activities. Again, we offer art, stories, free play and lots of opportunities for interaction with their classmates.

We also check nappies/diapers during this time and change those in need.

3:15 pm: Tidy Time
We take a few minutes to return the toys to their rightful place.

3:20 pm: Circle Time
We again gather on the rug for songs and stories.
All hands are washed ready for snack time.

3:40 pm: Snack Time
The children sit at the tables and enjoy a snack from their lunch box.

4:00 pm: Outside Time
We head out into the garden again for a final run around before mummies and daddies come to pick up their happy, sandy children.

5:30 pm: School Closes
The children have been picked up, the animals have been fed and the teachers go home for a well deserved rest.

Shall we do it all again tomorrow?

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