Miss Lesley – Manager
As School Manager, Miss Lesley is the person who keeps every running along smoothly. Though it may appear seemingly effortless, her role and position in the school is undeniably crucial to the well workings of this intricate machine we call Trotters! She is always available to help you with everything and anything you need regarding our school. She is professional, creative, efficient and extremely well organized. Miss Lesley first joined Little Trotters in 2005 as a nursery teacher. She is a qualified Nursery Nurse (NNEB 0-7 yrs), is First Aid trained and has over 25 years childcare experience. Although she spends much of her day ‘behind the scenes’, she can be spotted giggling in the garden, delighted by the minds of our incredulous children. Miss Lesley’s cup is truly filled, and is indeed brimming over, with the joy that she derives from the enchanting little people entrusted to our care!


Joanna Boxall – Owner and Director
Miss Jo was born and raised in Grand Cayman and after gaining a BSc at Kings College, London University she started Acorn Media and their family of products including Cayman Resident and Cayman Parent. Her special interest is in education and over the past 16 years she has researched and written about everything to do with schools, schooling and education in the Cayman Islands. She bought Little Trotters in February 2021 with the aim of sharing all that is special and wonderful about Little Trotters with others, and supporting the teachers so they can love and support your children.


Miss Amy – SENCo/ Literacy Teacher
Miss Amy holds a CACHE level 3 Diploma in ChildCare and Education and a CACHE level 3 SENCo in Early Years. As our school SENCo, she oversees the developmental wellbeing of all of our children, working with the teachers, parents, and external therapists when needed to ensure the best outcome for our little ones. Miss Amy is also our Literacy teacher and is trained in Jolly Phonics, which is a well- known method used to teach literacy in the British National Curriculum. She follows this fun and effective approach to teaching letter recognition, hearing sounds in words (decoding) and early hand-writing skills. She is simply the most delightful, kind and gentle soul who has a warm and inviting manner that brings the best out of each child in her care.


Miss Madian – Teaching Assistant
Miss Madian is our ever cheerful, capable and adaptable teaching assistant. Miss Madian works across all three class, offering support and staff cover whenever needed. She has a wonderful ability to work with all ages of children and she is such a warm and fun addition to our team. She has extensive experience with children ages birth to 5 years and 15 years working in preschools. Miss Madian holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and is First Aid Trained.



Miss Nele – Class Leader
Miss Nele graduated in 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in Education and Learning in Childhood. She had four years internship work experience in pre schools and elementary schools in Germany and Jamaica before joining Little Trotters in 2019. Miss Nele is very cheerful, kind and easy going. She has a wonderful affiliation with little people and is delightfully eager to nurture their development through exploration, play and joy. She is always striving to create a classroom that creates a “home away from home” environment, paying close attention to the special needs of our youngest children.


Miss Janet – Deputy Class Leader
Miss Janet has worked at Little Trotters since we first opened 17 years ago and holds a City & Guilds Childcare Diploma with over 20 years experience working with young children. She worked as a preschool teacher assistant in the UK, was Assistant Youth Director for Premier Cruise Lines, Senior Childcare Supervisor onboard the S/S Oceanic Cruise Ships and nannied for numerous families. Miss Janet has a wonderful, kind and delightfully fun manner and brings so much laughter to the classroom each day. She makes sure to give each child the attention and love they need to grow and learn. Miss Janet has fantastic leadership qualities and shares her invaluable teaching experiences with the other members of the class. She is an integral part of our Little Trotters Team!


Miss Sonia
Miss Sonia has been teaching at Little Trotters since 2005. She has several years’ experience as a nanny, teaching Sunday School and is also First Aid Trained. She has a gentle and nurturing way with the children and is always happy and warm. She effortlessly meets the needs of the children in her care with patience and a loving manner, which allows each little soul to truly thrive. Miss Sonia can often be seen singing and dancing with her lovely classmates during water play and really brings so much joy to each and every day!


Miss Hannah
Miss Hannah is a true ray of sunshine. Hailing from South Africa, she holds a BA in Psychology and English Literature, a Diploma in Play Therapy and a Certificate in Foundations of Teaching Early Childhood Care and Education. With extensive experience in Early Childhood in preschools in South Africa and an undisputable love for children, Miss Hannah is perfectly qualified for this role. Her aim each day is to ensure that every child feels confident and supported in their environment in order to reach their full potential.


Miss Isabella
Miss Isabella joins us from the Czech Republic, via Edinburgh. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Practice and a HNC in Early Education and Childcare. Miss Isabella has worked in early childhood for 6 years as a Nursery Teacher and Early Years Practitioner and also has experience working in Froebelian nursery. The Froebelian approach heralds’ opportunities to play, freedom to lead one’s own learning under the guidance of a supportive adult, and a vast range of choices within the environment. These ideals marry seamlessly with ours here at Little Trotters.



Miss Elisa – Class Leader & Grounds Manager
Miss Elisa is a trained Nursery Nurse (NNEB 0-7yrs), a trained Montessori Teacher ‘Gold Seal’ and a trained First Aider. She has worked with children for over 25 years in the UK, Germany and here on the island at Cayman Kindergarten, The Montessori School of Cayman and nannying for numerous families. Miss Elisa is enthusiastic, amazingly energetic and genuinely passionate about the children in her care and has worked at Little Trotters since we opened in 2004. She will always take the time to work one on one with a child who needs a little extra attention and strives to help each child reach their full potential. Miss Elisa’s love of nature and her clear and consistent expectations help to create a classroom filled with endlessly wonderous learning opportunities within a rich environment. Elisa is equally passionate about the surroundings here at Trotters and simply keeps everything ticking along effortlessly!


Miss Renae – Deputy Class Leader
Calm, trustworthy and guided by an excellent sense of judgment, Miss Renae is a true natural around children. She has a charming manner, wonderful sense of humour and bubbly, endearing personality. She is a favourite with everyone. Miss Renae is Caymanian born and has worked as a full time Early Childhood Practitioner since 2005. She holds a CSE in Child Development and is First Aid trained. She has been working at Trotters since we opened. She has a dramatic flair for theatre and has become known for her incredible classroom role plays and story times. Renae brings the fun into each day and the children in her care are always inspired to love learning.


Miss Lorna
Joyful and organized with a ready smile and unquestionable love for Early Years, Miss Lorna is a perfect member of the Stingray team. With a background in drama, she brings a focus and enthusiasm for performing arts. Miss Lorna has extensive experience with children under 5 and has an innate ability to connect and communicate with these little people. She holds CACHE certificates in Supporting 3 – 5 Year Olds in Early Years Foundation Stage, Play, Lead & Review, Promoting Children’s Social & Emotional Development, and Sensory Processing. Miss Lorna is ever kind, loving and compassionate, and has a natural ability to make each child feel special. She is always ready for fun and her easy going and gentle disposition ensure she is adored by all!


Miss Mims
Miss Mims has a CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Early Childhood and over 20 years experience working in the UK in the field of Early Childhood. She has immersed herself in Early Years and is a keen advocate of outdoor learning and the value of a nature based approach. Miss Mims is endlessly child centred. She is creative and driven by the need to provide the best possible experience for those in her care, ensuring a high level of opportunity to inspire learning.



Miss Jenna – Class Leader
Miss Jenna is Class Leader in the Iguana class. She is a qualified teacher, having completed her Bachelors in Education at the University College of the Cayman Islands. With her strong conviction in the importance of Early Years and a true love for children, Miss Jenna is an intrinsic part of the school. She works within a fun and organized routine that allows the children to thrive. Her well balanced teaching style works beautifully to manage the many dynamics of a busy class and to allow each child to gain their own self- awareness. Miss Jenna also oversees the maths curriculum in the Iguana class, ensuring that mathematical concepts and learning are embedded in the children’s daily experiences. Miss Jenna is First Aid trained and worked as a Learning Support Assistant at St Ignatius School for two years prior to joining Little Trotters.


Miss Carolyn – Deputy Class Leader/Head Teacher
Miss Carolyn holds her Early Childhood Education Certificate, and has workedhere at Little Trotters since we opened our doors 17 years ago. She has over 25 years of teaching experience both in Canada and Grand Cayman, and simply adores the children in her care. Teaching is her calling and she is passionate about encouraging each child to learn through experiences and in an environment filled with opportunities to wonder, self -discover, explore, experiment and create. Miss Carolyn has the bubbliest and most charming personality, with an enthralling manner that ignites a love for learning. It is her aspiration that each child leaves Trotters filled with confidence, a love for life in all its forms, and the most magical memories. Her favorite moments are storytelling in the garden, teaching children to love art and of course building rocket ships for space travel each year!


Miss Hillary
Miss Hillary has joined us all the way from New Zealand. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching and Education, and has a host of experience working with primary aged children in New Zealand. She is a creative teacher, skilled and experienced in play based learning, and heralds the importance of relationships, respect and care as key elements in the development of children. With a ready smile and fun loving nature, Miss Hillary is ever ready for any challenge and believes that every day should be packed full of joy and endless learning!


Miss Rosie
Miss Rosie hails from the UK and is a qualified primary school teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a PGCE in Leadership and Learning. In her past roles, Miss Rosie has worked as an early childhood practitioner, a learning support assistant and a lead teacher for children aged 5 and 6. She is just so child centered and has a gentle manner which draws children to her. Her love and reverence for the importance of education shines through and we feel so lucky to have her as part of the team.


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