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Nestled amongst fruit trees, a butterfly garden, farm yard, fish pond and vegetable patch you will find our school house. Little Trotters Farm & Nursery School is home to Todd the goat, Pinero the miniature pony, Gypsy the cat, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, a turtle, pig and eighty-five children ranging from 18 months to 5 years. The classrooms are bright and beautiful. The playground is a fully shaded, tree lined sand garden with a wooden pirate ship, thatched gazebo and tree house.

As an integral part of our daily programme the children are involved in feeding the animals, watering the vegetable patch, baking, planting and gardening in our butterfly garden, performing in plays, yoga, water play, music & movement, arts & crafts and story telling. Opportunities for social interaction and imaginary play are abundant.

We staff heavily and we staff excellently. From a range of trainings and influences including; Montessori, Steiner and traditional, we envelop a range of teaching approaches. Literacy, early mathematics, computer skills, music and Spanish are within our daily curriculum. Literacy is taught through the Jolly Phonics approach which is at the forefront of what is being used in the British National Curriculum. It is a fun and effective approach to teaching letter recognition, early hand writing skills and early word building. Number symbol recognition (1- 10), counting into teens and beyond, associating quantity to symbol, and early mathematics vocabulary is taught using games, activities, songs, crafts and worksheets.

In addition to this we teach weekly project themes covering a wide range of topics. In our younger class we cover basic subjects such as; colours, shapes, farm animals and transportation. With our older children we introduce loftier subject matter such as; life cycles, photosynthesis, food groups, dinosaurs, the solar system and great artists like Beethoven, Mozart and Vincent Van Gogh.

At Little Trotters, our greatest onus is placed on promoting traditional values. We encourage the embodiment of beautiful manners, love and respect for one and other and developing a greater understanding and appreciation for nature and our place of dependence within it. May children never cease to be the centre of our purpose and happiness.

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