Turtle Class Curriculum

The Turtle class is the youngest class of children here at Little Trotters with the students age range in September of each year being from 18 through 26 months. Being in the Turtle class is a big step for our little ones! For many of our children this is their first year in school and their first time away from home. While it can be a little scary at first, our little ones warm up to school quickly. Each day they are greeted by warm hugs and smiling faces to help ease their fears and make them feel more at home.

Following the Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework, we foster a love of learning through free play, gardening, baking, water play, arts and crafts, movement and sensory activities, and large group circle times. Your child will also help take care of our farmyard animals and water the vegetable patch.

Every two weeks the children explore a new theme during our circle time. Some examples of themes your child will explore include All About Me, Under The Sea, On The Farm, and Transportation. They will learn about these topics through the use of songs, finger plays, arts & crafts, and hands on activities.

The children are greeted at the start of each theme with a new selection of books, toys, and activities that are related to the topic that is being studied. There is always a sense of excitement as children begin to discover the new subject they will be learning about!

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