Stingrays Class Schedule

There are weekly themes in our class and the shelves are changed weekly accordingly. These themes are chosen because of their relevance to the children’s interests and experiences.

7:30 am: School Opens
Children arrive and put their lunch kits in the fridge. Fruit and water cups are placed in the basket. Each child has their own drawer and peg for their belongings.

The children can choose freely between freeplay, sensorial activities, or art.

Free play – activities placed on the shelves and tables.

Sensorial activities – baking, playdough, and water play etc

Art Activity – adult guided art, free art is also accessible.

8:30 am: Animal Feeding
A group of children will go outside to feed the animals and water the plants. Usually they will then wash hands and go into the garden to read a book, play a game or free play until circle time inside.

9:15 am: Tidy Time
The children will gather together for tidy time.

9:30 am: Circle time
We sit in a circle and sing our good morning song. We use music, songs and games to convey theme information. Then we finish up with a story.

10:00 am: Snack Time
The children take turns to use the toilet, have a nappy/diaper change and wash hands. Once everyone is ready, we sing a song of thanks and we can eat our snacks.

10:15 am: Outside
The children go outside for playtime. They have a chance to interact with the other children and teachers. Time to run, make lots of noise, kick balls, climb, build sandcastles and make mud pies. Most importantly get some fresh air.

11:15 am: Preparing for Lunch Time
Gradually the children are brought in to prepare for lunch, put shoes on shoe racks, toileting, nappies/diapers, wash and have a face wipe. The children watch a short DVD until everyone is ready.

11:45 am: Lunch Time

12:30 pm: Sleep Time
The 1/2 day children pack up lunches and play on the deck area to go home. Full day children find their beds and snuggle down for rest time.

1:30 pm – 2:00 pm: Wake Up Time
Children wake up, and activities await; sensorial, art, and free play.

3:30 pm: Circle Time
Children enjoy songs and story time.

4:00 pm: Snack Time
Toileting and hand washing takes place in preparation for snack time.

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm: Outdoor Play & Home Time
Time for play with friends or in the arms of a teacher.

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