Stingray Class Schedule

The class covers a delightful variety of themes throughout the year. These themes are chosen because of their relevance to the children’s interests and experiences, and the classrooms are set up to support the children’s developmental needs.

7:30 am: School Opens
The children arrive through our front door and are encouraged to put their own lunch kits in the fridge, their fruit in the fruit bowl and their water cups in the basket. Each child has their own drawer and peg for their belongings, and shoes can be placed on the shoe racks.

Coming into the classroom, the children can choose freely between free play (accessing the activities in the classroom), sensorial activities (baking, playdough, waterplay, etc), or art (adult guided or free art).

8:30 am: Animal Feeding
The Stingray class are the main carers of the animals in the school. Each morning, a group of children will go outside to feed the animals and water the plants. This is a wonderful opportunity to get up close to our goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and cats. The children then wash their hands and move into the main garden to read a book, play a game or enjoy free play until circle time inside.

9:15 am: Tidy Time
The children inside the classroom will gather together for an all important tidy time.

9:30 am: Circle time
The whole class gets together to sit in a circle. We listen to the Cayman National Song, sing our good morning song and then talk about our theme, learning through music, stories, songs, dramatic role play and games. The children are active participants throughout. Towards the end of circle time, the children take turns to use the toilet, have a nappy/diaper change and wash their hands in preparation for snack.

9:50 am: Snack Time
Once everyone is seated and ready, we sing a song of thanks and enjoy our snacks. These are made up of fruit from the communal fruit bowl and some crackers, or some home baking if we have made something that day!

10:00 am: Outside
The children go outside for playtime. They have a chance to get some fresh air whilst interacting with the other children and teachers. This is a time to run, make lots of noise, kick balls, climb, build sandcastles, make mud pies and play as hard as we can!

11:15 am: Preparing for Lunch Time
After an energetic playtime, the children are gradually brought in to prepare for lunch. Each child is invited to use the toilet and/or have their nappies/diapers changed. After a good handwash, the children watch a short DVD until everyone is ready.

11:30 am: Lunch Time
The lunches are ready and the children are invited sit at the tables to enjoy their lunches. Although we are available to help children where necessary, we do encourage independence when eating.

12:00 – 12:30 pm: Sleep Time
The half day children pack up lunches and wait in the book corner to be picked up. Full day children find their beds and snuggle down for rest time.

1:30 pm – 2:00 pm: Wake Up Time
Children wake up, and a whole host of captivating activities await. Again, they are offered opportunities to enjoy free play, sensorial activities and art.

3:15 pm: Tidy Time
We all work together to put the classroom back together.

3:30 pm: Circle Time
The children gather again to enjoy songs, games, activities and story time. We again take a trip to the bathroom and wash hands.

3:50 pm: Snack Time
The children are offered their lunchboxes to provide them with enough fuel for another play opportunity in the main garden.

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm: Outdoor Play & Home Time
We finish up the day with a wonderful time for play with friends.

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