Iguanas Class Curriculum

The Iguana class is the oldest class of children here at Little Trotters with students ranging in age from 3 ½ through 4 ½ years old. Being in the Iguana class is a big deal to our little ones. They will be developing skills needed for “big school” while having fun, playing with their friends, and participating in a wide variety of activities.

The children develop their love of learning through free play, gardening, baking, yoga, water play, arts and crafts, movement and sensory activities, circle time with the whole class, and small group lessons that are tailored to their individual needs. They will also help take care of our farm yard animals. We further prepare our children for Kindergarten through the use of weekly themes, daily literacy and maths instruction, computer time, music and Spanish classes.

Each week the children explore a new theme. Some examples of themes your child will explore include life cycles, food groups, and artists like Beethoven and Vincent Van Gogh. They will learn about these topics through the use of songs, finger plays, hands on activities, and mini lessons. The children are greeted each Monday morning with a new selection of books, toys, and activities that are related to the theme that is being studied. There is always a sense of excitement as children begin to discover the new topic they will be studying.

Your child will participate in small group literacy instruction daily. Basic literacy skills are taught through the use of Jolly Phonics. (This program is utilized within the British National Curriculum.) Jolly Phonics teaches young children their letter sounds through the use of songs and hand movements. Each week your child will be taught a new letter sound and how to properly write the letter that is being studied.

Math lessons are taught daily in both large and small groups. Math skills are developed through the use of songs, stories, and hands on activities. While in the Iguana class your child will learn basic calendar concepts, how to create simple patterns, various counting strategies, their colours, shapes, and how to recognize and write their numbers up to 20.

Music and Spanish are taught on alternate days.

The children love listening to our teacher play the guitar as they learn about music first hand. In Music, children will learn about different rhythms, sounds, songs, percussion instruments; and how to make music with their own bodies through the use of music and movement.

Spanish is taught using songs, games, stories, and other activities. Topics covered include colours, numbers, shapes, and animals. Children will practice speaking Spanish during their lessons and build a simple Spanish vocabulary throughout the year.

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