Thousand Pairs of Little Shoes

Last week our children were moved by the stories they heard of people living in various countries around the globe. They were inspired to help those less fortunate than themselves and discussed ways they could help some of the families they learned about.

This is how our shoe collection began. Currently our Iguanas are collecting gently used shoes that will be donated to the organization a Thousand Pairs of Little Shoes

These shoes will travel the world to children and families who desperately need them so they can avoid unnecessary illnesses that are transmitted through the soil.

We were fortunate enough to have Miss Renata from a Thousand Pairs of Little Shoes our class today. They watched videos of the children who will be receiving the shoes they’ve collected and were very proud of the work they’ve done!

Thank you Miss Renata for your passion and dedication. You truly are an inspiration to our children and we are grateful you were able to visit us!





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