Class News: Turtles


Today the turtles painted, read stories on the carpet and played with play dough.

Story week

Happy Birthday Mrs. Elisa

All of Little Trotters got together and had a dance party to celebrate Mrs. Elisa’s birthday. Before we danced we presented her with a birthday card and chocolate cake, happy birthday Mrs. Elisa!


Today the turtles got to paint at the easel and play with pasta in the sensory table. They also got a close up look at a crab we found. What a fun day!


Today the turtles played with puzzles, read stories on the story time rug and painted yellow stars

Today the turtles finger painted for art. They also played with toys on the carpet and played dress up in home living.


The Turtles are learning about shapes this week. Today they played in the sensory table and painted on the esle.


Our turtles had a busy week. They celebrated two birthdays, read stories with Ms. Sonia and Ms. Elaine , and played in the kitchen

Happy birthday Ms. Leslie!!

we all gathered this morning to wish Ms Leslie a very happy birthday!

Miss Tisha’s Birthday

The children and teachers of Little Trotter’s helped Miss Tisha celebrate her birthday today!

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