Class News: Iguanas


The Iguanas had a lovely circle time with Miss Lynsey, Miss Tanya and Miss Becky. We played games with the parachute.

Iguanas summer

The Iguanas played with play dough, put on puppet shows and baked cookies today!

Music with Miss Tonya

The iguanas made books about the different kinds of musical instruments with Miss Tonya. Then they had a special visitor come and show them how the clarinet works and what it sounds like.

Summer fun!

This week the class is talking about pets. On Friday we all had a lot of fun during our swim day.

June 18-23

Today the Iguanas played with sea creatures, built with blocks and explored in the sensory table.

The Iguanas had a dance party for fitness Friday. It was a wonderful way to end everyone’s day!

Today the Iguanas enjoyed playing in our butterfly garden, reading with their friends in book corner and washing dishes at sensory.

Fun and games

This week the iguanas have been participating in a lot of table time activities. They have been painting on the esle, constructing with LEGO’s and making cards for Fathers day.

End of the year

The iguanas are participating in no more themes this year. They are having fun spending time with friends and using their circle time to practice for graduation.

Turtle farm!!

Everyone had a wonderful time at the Turtle Farm today. Thank you to all of the teachers and parents for making this trip a memorable one!!

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