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Recap of the year

For the past two weeks our stingrays have been going back and touching on a little of each theme we had during the year. Today we revisited music and movement!


The Iguanas had a lovely circle time with Miss Lynsey, Miss Tanya and Miss Becky. We played games with the parachute.

Iguanas summer

The Iguanas played with play dough, put on puppet shows and baked cookies today!


This week our class is talking about animals! We did an art project based on the Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle. Some of our friends enjoys washing dishes I. Sensory and playing with the animals on the carpet. A favorite … Continue reading

Music with Miss Tonya

The iguanas made books about the different kinds of musical instruments with Miss Tonya. Then they had a special visitor come and show them how the clarinet works and what it sounds like.

Growing up

Today we had sand in the sensory table, played in a tent in the back room and painted at the art table.

Summer fun!

This week the class is talking about pets. On Friday we all had a lot of fun during our swim day.

Growing up

This week the stingrays will continue talking about growing up. Today for group time we read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Today we practiced our colours and wrapped up space week. We also celebrated Lucs birthday!!


Today the stingrays learned all about astronauts! Some of the class even got to suit up and pretend they were blasting off to the moon. We also made space cakes at sensory to eat for our snack.